Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some ideas and issues to ponder...

As a member of the Academic Advising Review team, I am involved in a number of discussions about ways we can work to improve academic advising on our campus. The discussions often turn to the importance of the Advisor Exchange and how we might be able to play a role in the grand scheme of things - and the most impactful and effective way of involving the Advisor Exchange group to discuss and implement new ideas and programs.

Here are a few questions that, as a group, we need to consider:

1. What do you see as the role and purpose of the Advisor Exchange?

2. In your opinion, what would a formal reporting line mean to our group? What are the pros and cons of becoming a group with someone to report to? (there are both!)

3. What are your views on Advisor training and development? Could the Advisor Exchange play a part in developing an advising training program? An advising handbook?

 These are just a few of the many questions that our group will need to consider over the next couple of months. I hope to have a special meeting dedicated to these ideas in the next month or so. I hope that you will think about the above and provide some feedback that I can take to the Advising Review team for discussion.

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